Clash Of Titan is a centralized gaming platform that combines tokens with NFTs to create a play-to-earn mechanism for gamers. Within the COT metaverse, each user’s account and every upgrade or titans associated with it will be tradable as an NFT.

It is an action packed PVP brawler game where the ancient Titan legends engage in intense battle. You can either engage in a 8 player battle royale mode or a 3v3 online matching with your friends!


Compete with each other and players practice behaviors such as teamwork, strategy execution and mechanical skills.


Land is the primary asset of NFT in COT, which is securely stored on the blockchain and is necessary to create a guild.


Win your NFTs by playing the game and selling it in the market to make money.

P2E & P2W

We are not only focused on being a game that’s “PLAY-TO-EARN”, we are “PLAY-TO-WIN”.


As it is often known as the Colosseum for the ancient gladiators, Battle Arena is a place where the Titans embark on a fierce battle with each other to fight for glory. The chosen Titans will be transported to the Arena through the teleportation capsule, waiting to be sent to the battleground that is encircled with a deadly laser beam that will keep the Titans within the fighting zone. When the time is up, the skillful ones that fight with strategies and are able to take the tactical advantage will stand to defend your glory.

The team always plays an important role in the success of a project. As a team, we have been working with each other for more than 5 years, with everyone being highly experienced in their own expertise

milestone of cot

We’re creating a truly next-generation, AAA blockchain game. Explore the roadmap and learn more on Medium.
  • Game play & logic development
  • Conceptalization
  • Business model
  • Chracter and Assets design
  • Seed Fund
  • Pre marketing & Strategy

  • Social media channels launch
  • Trailer video 1 & 2
  • Landing page
  • Website launch
  • Private fund raise
  • Whitepaper

  • Smart contract
  • Pre sale
  • Limited Heroes Skin NFT sale
  • Land application
  • coingecko listing
  • coin marketcap listing
  • dex listing
    • NFT & LAND marketplace
    • Staking Launch
    • Smart contract Audit
    • centralized exchange listing

  • Game beta testing
  • Early Access for Community member

  • Official Game launch
  • Special Lauching event
  • Google play store publishing
  • Apple store publishing
  • Play 2 Earn system
  • Ranking match added

  • Guild system & Guild wars
  • Battlepass
  • New costumes added
  • New heroes added

  • Esport Tournaments

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